Creating a more just, robust, and inclusive economy through employee ownership
MassCEO offers introductory technical conversations at no-cost to business owners interested in employee ownership

MassCEO exists as a free resource to assist business owners with business sucession planning

MassCEO's target audience includes:

1. Owners and key decision-makers in existing businesses

2. Private sector employees

3. Unions representing workers in unionized businesses

4. Professional-service providers

5. Local and state economic development organizations

6. Trade associations

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Research over the last three decades demonstrates that broad based employee-ownership companies tend to outperform their competitors, are more likely to remain anchored in their communities, and create substantial retirement wealth for employees at all levels of the company.

What is Employee Ownership?

Employee ownership typically takes two legal forms: 

1- Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)

2- Worker Cooperatives 

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